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When is your employer required to pay you overtime in California?

California workers have many rights. This generally includes the right to overtime pay if they cross certain thresholds in the amount of time they work. Under California overtime laws, there are three main such thresholds. We’ll now go over them.

The first is 40 hours of work a week. Employers are typically required to pay workers overtime for any amount of time worked over this threshold.

The second is eight hours of work a day. For work beyond the eighth hour, workers are generally entitled to overtime pay.

The third is six days in a workweek. Employees are typically entitled to overtime for any time worked on the seventh day in a workweek if they worked all of the previous six days.

How much in overtime pay are California workers entitled to when they work beyond these thresholds? Generally, employers are required to pay workers at least one and a half times their normal wage rate for overtime worked. However, the minimum amount for overtime pay jumps to two times the normal wage rate for two special cases. One is for time worked over 12 hours in a workday. The other is for time worked beyond eight hours on the seventh consecutive day of working in a workweek.

As a note, these are the general overtime rules in the state. There are some positions that are exempt from these rules and some situations that can trigger special rules.

What can workers do when they are entitled to overtime pay, but their employers fail to pay them what they deserve? Legal action can be possible to pursue overtime pay a worker was wrongfully denied. Skilled California employment law attorneys can give workers subjected to overtime pay violations guidance regarding the particular legal options available to them.

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