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Can my employer legally cut my salary?

When we have a steady job, we depend on the money made from that job in order to pay our rent and fund our lifestyle. Therefore, when our pay is cut in one way or another, it can be very difficult to deal with. A worker in the state of California might be subject to wage cuts through a reduction in hourly pay or salary pay. Alternatively, they may be subject to a reduction in wages because they are receiving a reduction in working hours.

Many employees who have been subject to pay cuts in the state of California wonder if their employers acted legally or not. If you are suffering from a reduction in wages, it is important that you do not simply accept the change. You should research your legal rights so that you can take action if your employer is not acting within the law.

Driver's responsibility after an incident with a child cyclist

In general, cyclists are much more vulnerable on the road than drivers of vehicles. This is because they can often be more difficult to see, especially at night. Additionally, they have minimal external protections when a collision does occur. Therefore, they can suffer from very serious injuries even when the driver is maintaining a slow speed.

If a child cyclist is involved in an accident, the potential for serious injuries is even greater. When a driver sees a child cyclist, they owe an even greater duty of care. They should be aware that the child may take an unexpected action and that they have a greater potential to suffer injuries.

Dealing with injuries as a construction worker

If you work in the construction industry, you will be aware of the potential dangers of your profession. There are many regulations in place when it comes to the safety of construction sites. However, accidents still occasionally occur.

If you have been injured on a construction site as a worker in the state of California, you may be curious about the rights you have to compensation. It is possible that you have suffered financially as well as physically as a result of your accident. Therefore, it is important that you exercise your legal rights to financial support.

Blue Apron employees claim employer is guilty of labor violations

Blue Apron, the highly popular meal-kit service, is under fire by its own employees. The California-based company is now the subject of a class-action suit over a variety of labor law violations.

According to the allegations, Blue Apron employees were subjected to unfair labor practices all the time, including being forced to work overtime without compensation and were obliged to clock out for their meal break -- a practice known as "time shaving" which deprived them of a half hour of pay. The case has class action status, which means that all employees affected by Blue Apron's actions between 2014 and 2018 are included in the suit. If they are successful, Blue Apron stands to pay out around five million dollars.

Did your job cause your chronic back pain?

Back pain is a real … well, pain in the back. Whether it’s dull and achy or sharp and stabbing, chronic or sudden back pain can greatly reduce your quality of life.

Depending on your job, back pain could be the result of an occupational injury. Industries where heavy lifting is a regular duty are prone to causing back pain for employees, but even lower-impact jobs can be a concern.

Is addiction covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act?

You know that drug addiction is a disease, so it only seems to make sense that the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, would provide some measure of job security if you're struggling with addiction.

And it does -- but only under certain circumstances. The ADA often struggles to balance the interests of employers and employees when it comes to disability accommodations, and addiction is a tricky one to handle. In general, if you're suffering from a drug addiction, this is what you should know:

Subaru and Toyota to recall hundreds of thousands of cars

Automakers Toyota and Subaru have announced a giant recall of 400,000 problematic cars. The automakers stated in a recent recall announcement that the recall issue stems from defective engine valve springs that could break and result in an engine stall. Engine stalls like this can be especially dangerous for drivers who are navigating traffic because an engine stall could result in an auto collision.

Some of the vehicles in the recall are Subaru's Impreza, BRZ and Forester automobiles. In addition, Toyota's 86 sport car and Scion FR-S (which are also manufactured by Subaru) were included as well.

Grape harvesting machine claims life in Napa

Some workers in California benefit from having a safe work environment where accidents and injuries are highly unlikely. Other workers face life-threatening dangers every time they report to their jobs. Agricultural workers are particularly at risk of on-the-job injuries.

A fatal accident on Oct. 29 at a Napa vineyard is an example of the risks faced by California agricultural employees. The tragedy happened at the Deconinck Vineyards in Napa at approximately 12:30 p.m. The fire department responded to a call about a worker who was caught up in a grape-picking device close to Silverado Trail.

Sexual harassment warning signs: What to watch out for

When sexual harassment starts, its often a lot lighter than it eventually becomes. During these initial stages of sexual harassment, it's often easier for the victims to make it stop. The problem is, most victims dismiss these early stages as nothing more than harmless flirting or "joking." Even if the behavior makes them feel uncomfortable, the victims usually assume that it will simply go away.

The problem is, it might not go away -- and it could escalate into a situation that causes the victim to quit, get fired or suffer many other types of unfortunate consequences. To avoid becoming a victim of sexual harassment, here are three things that every worker should watch out for:

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