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When is your employer required to pay you overtime in California?

California workers have many rights. This generally includes the right to overtime pay if they cross certain thresholds in the amount of time they work. Under California overtime laws, there are three main such thresholds. We’ll now go over them.

The first is 40 hours of work a week. Employers are typically required to pay workers overtime for any amount of time worked over this threshold.

Does workers’ compensation cover back pain?

Back pain can surface as a low, dull ache throughout the day. It can also cause spikes of pain when standing, bending, lifting or turning. You may wonder if your back pain is covered under workers’ compensation. The issue is that back pain is not easily identifiable or curable. It can take x-rays, physical therapy and even surgery to remedy. Even then, you may be managing residual pain for years to come without knowing what caused the injury.

What is the cause of your pain?

How is a major labor shortage affecting the trucking industry?

The trucking industry is facing a significant labor shortage around the country. Recruiters are desperately attempting to attract new workers with low job requirements and high wages, however, new hires are barely putting a dent in the widening hole of the labor force. Not only is the industry having a hard time recruiting new workers, it cannot hold onto existing ones. There is a 94 percent turnover in the trucking industry.

The industry is having a hard time finding new workers while holding onto existing ones because being a trucker can be lonely and dangerous. Most truckers must spend long stretches away from their families. Worse yet, truckers have some of the most dangerous jobs in America. They are vulnerable to serious motor vehicle accidents. According to the U.S. Labor Department, more than 1,000 truckers died in accidents in 2016. This means that being a commercial truck driver is eight times deadlier than being a police officer.

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