You Do Not Have To Navigate The Workers’ Compensation Process Alone

It is possible to complete the Workers' Compensation claims process alone, so why hire an attorney? This insurance exists for the benefit and support of injured workers, but it can be quite complex to get the benefits you need and deserve. One wrong move can get your claim denied, leaving you without payment.

The lawyers at RSnyder Law Firm, PC, are dedicated to the needs and concerns of injured workers in California, and we will walk with you through every step of the claims process. Our managing attorney, Roshele Snyder, was once an injured worker herself. She understands what is at stake for you and your family, which is why she is fiercely protective of your rights and zealously committed to your full recovery.

The Benefit Of Having An Experienced Ally

Filing a Workers' Comp claim involves more than simply completing a few forms and waiting for a check. This is a complex insurance process, and these companies do not have your best interests in mind. They will work hard to avoid paying as much money as possible, but we understand these tactics, and we know how to fight back.

Our extensive experience in Workers' Compensation claims can benefit Orange County workers as they seek to get the financial support they need after a work accident. We offer knowledgeable assistance for every step of your claim, providing you with the following:

  • An evaluation of your case and explanation of your legal options
  • Assistance with completing necessary forms and filing all paperwork
  • Help when dealing with complications such as delays or denials
  • Preparing any necessary appeals and continuing the fight for benefits

In addition to our experience with the process, we know the law, and we know what type of benefits you may be able to claim. From disability benefits to recovery of your lost wages, we will make sure we get you the benefits you deserve.

You Have The Right To Know Your Options

If you think you have grounds to move forward with a claim due to a work injury, our Workers' Compensation attorneys can help you understand your options. You can call our Santa Ana office at 866-523-4793 or email us to make an appointment for a free evaluation of your case.